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John Carter poster
John Carter
Type: Movie
Release Year: 2012

Producer: Lindsey Collins
Soundtrack: Jared Leto
Director: Andrew Stanton
Writer: Andrew Stanton
Composer: Michael Giacchino

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Description: Transplanted to Mars, a Civil War vet discovers a lush planet inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter a princess who is in desperate need of a savior.

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  • Added:Sunday 11 Mar 2012 01:28
    Last Edit: Friday 15 May 2015 01:59

    canela1 0 Votes

    Went yesterday to watch the film..WoW!! Great movie, CGI & SPE were out of this "world" lol spend the extra cash and go see it at the big screen. Every one stood up and clapped!

  • Added:Thursday 22 Mar 2012 06:25
    Last Edit: Friday 15 May 2015 01:59

    cletis 0 Votes

    no worries

  • Added:Wednesday 28 Mar 2012 07:24
    Last Edit: Friday 15 May 2015 01:59

    xavismaster 0 Votes

    bad quality