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Killer from Above poster
Killer from Above
Type: Movie
Genre: Unknown
Release Year: 1977

Producer: Ming Lei
Director: Kei Law
Writer: Hsin Yi Chang
Composer: Fu Liang Chou

Description: Dao jian ba wang quan: Lo Lieh is the Killer from Above, a knife-wielding, one-man killing machine named Chen Wu-hai, who is dropping martial artists left and right. The leaders of the martial world, including the heads of Shaolin, Wudang and the beggars clan, hold a conference to discuss how best to deal with this threat. Their recognized ?chairman? Hsueh Ko-shu (Carter Wong) sends out his chief assistant (Lung Fei) to capture Chen, while also offering a sizable bounty to anyone who can bring him in. Now everyone wants to get there hands on Chen, including a bumbling, yet righteous duo and a clever gang of thieves led by ?Smiling Killer? Sing Chen (Chang Yi) and his crafty lover, the Widow Spider (Wong Ping). While the greedy thieves eventually turn on each other in an effort to claim the bounty, the bumbling duo realize that Chen is more than just a killer and decide to join him.


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