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The Betrayed poster
The Betrayed
Type: Movie
Release Year: 2008

Producer: John Michael Bennett
Director: Amanda Gusack
Writer: Amanda Gusack
Composer: Deborah Lurie

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Description: After a car crash, Jamie, 30, comes to, locked in a room at a factory. Her son, a diabetic, is missing. A man wearing a ski mask comes into the room and tells her that she must help him find her husband who has stolen millions from his boss. He says her husband is a killer and a drug trafficker. Jamie is certain it's a mistake. Her captor insists she help him or lose her son. He brings her audio tapes made in their apartment demanding she figure out how her husband was communicating with an accomplice. She has only 12 hours before she and her son will die. Can she force herself to believe that she has been betrayed - and then what? There's no way out, yet she resolves to save her son.

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