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News Wall > Top News > ‘The Flash’ Loses Director Seth Grahame-Smith Over “Creative Differences”


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The narrative for Warner Bros. and their DCUniverse hasnt been a good one. Lagging far behind and their massively successful Cinematic Universe but hardly at war with one another as some have suggested Warner Bros. knew they had to leverage their vast DC intellectual properties in a similar manner. But racing to get to a Civil War like face off movie as quickly as possible, rather than letting their characters breathe and define themselves, Warner Bros. stumbled hard with the largely incoherent Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Tonight, WB hits another snag: director is departing from film over creative differences with WB. No further reasons were given, but its another snafu for Warner Bros.

The screenwriter behind Pride Prejudice Zombies and , Grahame-Smith was always a weird fit for especially given he had never directed a feature-length film before, let alone a big super hero tentpole. His career thus fas has been writing historical movies mixed with genre films: Unholy Night is another one that reimagines the three wise men in the Nativity story as infamous thieves, led by a dark, murderous leader.

Secondly, Warner Bros. really just wanted and () to direct and give it a fun, humorous edge, but the filmmakers were only able to write the treatment, and they quickly left the project when they were given the keys to the Han Solo film.

So Grahame-Smith was forced to write the film based on treatment from Lord and Miller and somehow, eventually fell out with WB. Its gotta be tough to make a film based on a third party thats no longer involved and a studio thats probably using that treatment as its bible.

Actor is playing and the character will appear next in Justice League Part 1, which will be released on November 17, 2017. already has a release date, March 3, 2018, but with its director off the project, theyre likely going to have scramble somewhat quickly in order to get a filmmaker on the page that can execute what could be an already pre-ordained vision. Thats not really a directors ideal climate and explains why a project like has seen a revolving door of filmmakers come and go. [THR]

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